Letters in brief


Agriculture potential seen:
MT Bosavi in Southern Highlands has the potential for cultivating all kinds of crops because of its fertile soil. Mt Bosavi Village farmers are cooperating to start a project next month and are raising awareness to register farmers with the Muluma government station. The local company, Gusuwa Agro Suppliers, should try to ensure that all the 10,000 people are involved in the agricultural activities to sustain their lives.

Andrew Awabi,
Mt Bosavi

Review teachers pay:
PLEASE have the Hobu Primary School head teacher back on air again for the change of ‘taking back Papua New Guinea’? The Government should look into increasing pay for teachers. Why are their pay decreasing? It is a slap for the prime minister. Please look into this issue. Teachers are the very people who are moving the nation silently. God bless you teachers, keep up the good work.

Hardwork Tisaman,

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