Pick right coach for Hunters


I CONGRATULATE Michael Marum for the six years committed to Hunters.
In the six years, Hunters won the Queensland Intrust Super Cup, a huge achievement and a milestone history in Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Rugby League.
You left your family behind to commit to the Hunters programme and you should be proud that you have left a legacy by winning the Intrust Super Cup.
We just hope that your successor do the same too.
I would like to propose to the PNGNRL management to consider selecting the Hunters coach from the Super Cup or overseas-recognised coach.
The reason is very simple. None of the national coach have the coaching certificate and extensive experience as Marum.
For someone to succeed Marum, he should have all the important attributes of a coach, such as coaching level three certificate and experience in NRL from Australia.
I would not prefer a national coach because of the lack of the above attributes.
Glen Nami and Roderick Puname do not possess any of the above attributes but can be assistant coaches and learn from whoever is selected as coach.
Both are Digicel Cup coaches and don’t have Intrust Super Cup experience as yet.
Stanley Tepend also can be assistant coach to start off with.
Give Tepend assistant coach for two years and after that give the job as coach for Hunters.
Nami and Puname need to gain more experience from the Intrust Super Cup’s competition as assistant coach. Tepend would be a preferred coach but he has to be an assistant coach first and be with the Hunters to familiarise himself first.
Nigel Hukula, who had been assistant coach for Marum for five years, would be the ideal candidate.
I would prefer someone from Australia with in-depth experience of rugby in the Intrust Super Cup, who can read in and out of players’ weakness and strength and place them on the right paddock. We, the citizens and supporters of PNG Hunters, would like Hunters to avoid another wooden spoon next year, so please pick the right coach who will add value to the Hunters and motivate the players and make sponsors and stakeholders proud.

Hunters Die-Hard Fan,
Botape, POM

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