Letters in brief


Be responsible with power
THE Bible says God does take action to remove power from wicked political rulers. This is clear in the case of politics in Papua New Guinea. The notable one was the 2011 political impasse. Even important appointment processes are hijacked. God gave us the responsibility to do right by Him. He cannot come down and do it for us.


Govt living up to its vision
THE paid publicity by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to present a cheque to a Madang based rugby team to participate in a rugby tournament in Wewak, East Sepik, is the definition of the Marape Government not leaving anyone, including the small to medium enterprises, behind.

Advocate for
Equality and Fairness

Thank you PNGDF
SINCERE thanks, blessings and a Prosperous New Year to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force who once again ensured Papua New Guinea is reminded of the story of Christmas with the illumination of the lovely Christmas star shining over Murray Barracks and Port Moresby.

Balimo Wabea,

We need creative leaders
OUR politicians need new ideas to run this country. Every five years, we come across different MPs repeating what their predecessors have said and done in their terms. Our MPs seem to lack creativity. They employ the same tactics to address issues and expect different results. This should stop. We need creative leaders to move this country forward.