Letters in brief


Don’t ban alcohol:
With due respect, I wish to express my utmost dissatisfaction to Madang Governor Peter Yama’s unanalytical blanket decision on the four-year alcohol ban in Madang. The governor’s option is deemed unrealistic and biased to benefit few people. The people will be denied of rights/services/income on the expense of his decision. I call on the governor to look at other alternative solutions. The consequence to this call will be far-significant effect on small income resellers, and decent drinkers’ exponential mark-up rates in bars/hotels. What is feared most still is rise in prohibited home brews at the rural levels. Let’s not try to solve one issue by creating another.

Christopher Samor
Bogia, Madang

Traffic rules overlooked:
It is common for people to sit on the sides of speeding motor vehicles, especially small open-back vehicles. It would seem that drivers don’t care about the safety of their passengers. They (divers) don’t even perform any prior road safety checks before driving away. It is quite obvious that such drivers could not have obtained their licences through any proper means, given their do-not-care attitude with regards to road traffic and safety rules. Both traffic police and road transport officials are aware of the problem(s), but have done nothing. How much longer are authorities going to take to start taking drastic measures? Are they going to start after some nasty accident happens?

Lorenitz Gaius

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