Letters in brief


Save our lands:
THIS as a call out campaign urging every customary citizen to raise and push for an action to implement a convenient policy draft on customary land mobilisation and utilisation that suits our customary land use programmes. It should contain tangible impacts on real economic independence, which should produce revenue growth. We must save our customary land by formulating guide policy for a real benefit through having in place programmatic rule of customary land laws.

Isaiah Alia
Lake Kopiago

Bias recruitment:
IS the Secretary and Minister for the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology aware of selection being done in the internal recruitment process for their department? Some of the officers serving the department for more than 10 years have been downgraded and displaced. Others with qualification and merit-based have been over looked by the selection committee. Preference has been given to officers with certificate and diplomas, justifying that they have performed to the department’s expectations. Appoint an independent selection team from PWC or Deloitte to take charge of the process and appoint offices on merit-based grounds.

Concerned Public
[email protected]