Good leadership, governance wanted


GENERATIONS of decent Papua New Guineans have been concerned about poor leadership at different levels and the corruption that goes with it since independence in 1975.
Therefore, people have wholeheartedly welcomed the many anti-corruption campaigns propagated by individuals or groups at different times in our 43 years of nationhood.
One of the recent good governance campaigns is led by the new MP for Madang Bryan Kramer.
I agree with some of Kramer’s stances on good governance but I find his anti-corruption campaign vastly peculiar.
Hi anti-corruption advocacy seems to target matters from the time the Peter O’Neill-led Government came into office in Aug 2011 up to now.
If Kramer is fresh on the political block with no affiliations, can he also speak out about allegations of bad governance involving members of the Opposition and their affiliates?
Bad governance in any country, which results in corrupt conduct, is not because of one leader or a few leaders but it involves many people from the hierarchies of government and corporations down to ordinary people.
In PNG, it is in fact a state of mind, whereby persons and even institutions like business houses have developed a mindset to do wrong things to gain something or get ahead even though they know it is wrong.
I know for the fact that bad governance practices will not disappear like a miracle whenthe Government changes tomorrow.
I remain mystified by Kramer’s peculiar good governance campaign which only covers the period of the present O’Neill government and the prime target being O’Neill.
Make no mistake, many of us hate bad governance and poor leadership.
We also stand for frank and non-partisan advocacy on universal matters such as good governance.

Port Moresby