Letters in brief


K23mil missing:
IN 2007, the National Executive Council approved K50mil for the maintenance of State university facilities. From that approved allocation, K23 million was earmarked for the maintenance of the university. The approved amount of K50 million was in an Office of Higher Education (OHE) trust account and was managed by OHE officers. UPNG submitted its maintenance requirements OHE made the approvals. UPNG does not hold any records of that K23mil.

Prof Kenneth Sumbuk
UPNG Acting Vice-Chancellor

Invest in service:
Vanimo-Green MP Belden Namah recently launched a K100,000 soccer tournament in Vanimo Town. This tournament only benefitted the people of Vanimo and not the Green River and Amanab People. Can you be fair for all of us? This is unfair for your rural people who mandated you to look after them. We need tangible development. Green River LLG and Amanab LLG in your Vanimo-Green electorate are still in darkness.

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