Sackings slammed


I MAKE an observation on what seems to be an unfair action by Government to terminate non-performing departmental heads.
This was as announced by Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore last year during the termination of Labour Secretary Mary Morala.
Regardless of gender, there are also many male departmental heads who have underperformed.
They have not delivered on their annual performance agreement.
They are still protected by certain cabinet ministers to keep them on the job.
This allows systematic corruption to prevail at the expense of the eight million people of Papua New Guinea.
It is about time the prime minister, through the public service, comes down hard on those known ministers and their cronies to save the image and reputation of the current Government.
God is still watching after the public service dedication service.
Please be fair.
If the labour secretary can be sacked, why are others indispensable?


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