Lihir agreement revised

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 THE Nimamar LLG and New Ireland provincial government have endorsed their united position on a revised Lihir agreement after three years of deliberations with the national government, the Mineral Resource Authority and stakeholders. 

The revised agreement is a collaborative document for the people of NI, and is seen as a home-grown cure for the failure of the national government over the past 17 years.

“Not only do we receive a pittance in returns, but the National Government does honour the small promises it made to implement projects in the MoA signed in 1995 and 2007,” Governor Sir Julius Chan said.

“New Ireland is filling the government’s purse with no return to our people.  

“The people are tired of being treated as second class citizens, and the MoA we have signed finally gives us our due rewards.  

“This time we are dictating to the National Government and if they do not listen to us, then they will find that their cash cow has dried up.”

Stakeholders have expressed frustration at the National Government led process of MoA renegotiation, which has extended over three years.