Liquor-ban call during polls

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013

 A HAGEN Urban local level government councillor has called for a liquor ban in Western Highlands during the LLG elections.

Mapun Papol said on Monday that alcohol-related problems caused during the campaign period were a major concern for people.

He urged the provincial liquor licensing board to stop small clubs and taverns from selling liquor until the election was completed.

“I see that there is no control over the selling of liquor within the city, the owners operate beyond normal trading hours,” Papol said.

He said there were disturbances in the city and surrounding settlements, especially in the night, caused by drunkards.

“We want this election to be a peaceful one but some problems are likely to come from alcohol consumption that will disturb the election,” Papol said.

He said the provincial government should take responsibility and start issuing notices to liquor operators to stop selling alcohol during the election.

He said hotels and restaurants should serve alcohol with food only.

“It’s better to prevent problems from happening,” Papol said.