Live-stream all soccer matches


FOR three straight weekends, some soccer fans following the Women’s National Soccer League matches in the northern conference were left in the dark because of the failure of the PNG Football Association (PNGFA) to live-stream the matches in Lae.
Last week and the week before, the Port Moresby matches were live-streamed while the Lae matches weren’t.
This is unfair on us the fans of soccer following the matches in the northern conference.
I am thinking about writing to Fifa to ask them to pay for cameras so PNGFA can use to live-stream matches in Lae as well as engage commentators and have a crew that can update fans on each match, on a minute-by-minute basis, as Oceania Football Confederation and other sporting bodies in the region are doing.
You are engaging people in the code when you are providing minute-by-minute updates on matches.
This is vital in sports journalism.
I have said this before: Engage journalism or communication students to help out in covering all the matches, if you do not have the manpower to provide updates.
In doing that, you would be developing possible sports journalists for the future.
I don’t understand where PNGFA is putting its priorities.
Is it to promote the code in PNG or is it in building infrastructure and acquiring new vehicles?
How can you promote a code if you are not using media and allow fans and other stakeholders to interact and engage with your efforts?
I hope someone from PNGFA is reading this letter to take that to the man with the money bag in the organisation.
PNGFA should live-stream all matches.
Do not be selective.
Soccer belongs to everyone and it should be promoted in that sense.

Football Enthusiast