Living conditions irk teachers

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


MINJ Secondary School teachers are complaining about their poor living conditions and want relevant authorities to assist them.

The teachers made the call in support of their students who had earlier complained about the poor and unhealthy conditions at the school.

Grade 11 language teacher Miriam Wapi said to let a university trained teacher live with his or her family in a house that had a leaking roof, no septic tank, no water supply and no proper electricity was “very bad”.

“This school is the major and only government-run school in Jiwaka but the living condition is poor.”

“I taught at other secondary schools but here it is totally different, unhygienic and our lives are at risk of being infected with all kinds of sickness and diseases.”

Wapi said the entire school needed maintenance and upgrading because health authorities could close it, which would affect the education of more than 1,700 students.

“I call on the parliamentarians of Jiwaka to look into this matter and fix it because education is the key to the new province,” she said.

“You cannot keep a secondary school teacher living in such bad conditions.”

Principal Paul Bangie agreed with Wapi and said the school needed urgent maintenance and upgrading.