LLG building houses for police officers

From left: Assistant deputy commissioner of police Donald Yamasombi, Kutubu local level government consultant Allan Ricks and president John Pipi Kila during the launching of the police housing project at Lake Kutubu in Southern Highlands last Saturday. – Picture supplied

TWENTY police staff houses will be built in the Kutubu local level government (LLG) in Southern Highlands to boost police morale to curb law and order issues in the area. LLG president John Pipi Kila said the people were friendly and law-abiding citizens, but outside influence had affected their attitude and behaviour. Kila said this during the launch of the police housing infrastructure project and purchasing and presentation of a a police vehicle and an ambulance for the Pimaga police station and the Pimaga Rural Hospital. “The security of our people, especially mothers, children and the elderly, is not guaranteed,” he said. “Our small businessmen and women continue to be harassed and robbed by thugs and criminals along the Kutubu access road, vehicles are stolen. “Just this year alone, more than six vehicles have been stolen. There are unreported cases of drug trafficking, arms trading and other illegal activities along our access routes. “Tribal issues from outside areas are infiltrating our communities and affecting the lives of the people.” Kila said Kutubu had only four policemen to serve a population of more than 30,000. “This includes Mt Bosavi LLG which has more than 50,000 people,” he added. “As such, it has been quite challenging to deal with the increasing law and order issues. “These are serious concerns and we are trying to address the problem by helping and working with the police. “Today, we have Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police Donald Yamasombi, representing the commissioner, to launch this project.”

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