LLG president: Impossible to divert K500,000

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013


PEOPLE need to understand that the K500,000 given by the government to local level governments cannot be diverted to presidents or councillors, Jack Kahu says.

Kahu, president of the Labuta LLG in Nawaeb, Morobe, called on people not to be misled and confused by candidates.

“Some candidates are misleading people alleging that defending presidents were using part of K500,000 for campaign, while others say they will utilise the money to deliver services,” Kahu said.

Mumeng president Mathias Philip urged people to be aware of candidates creating issues from the K500,000.

Philip said only district treasuries were responsible for advising LLG presidents and councillors about the availability of land for physical infrastructure and village social services funds.

“The K500,000 is already tied to required infrastructural and socio-economy development services as the Office of Rural Development  and National Planning and Monitoring will strictly monitor its spending,” he said.

“Even presidents have no power. It is the ward councillors who decide for the release of each portion of funding based on projects during LLG meetings and the managers does the paperwork,” Kahu said.

He said the 9,000 people of Labuta needed to realise and elect LLG leaders who had a heart for people.

“Never get yourselves confused with people who do not understand the government delivery mechanisms and instead create issues without knowing what they are talking about,” he said.