LNG security plan already drafted: Police

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A SENIOR police officer says Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi is making a fool of himself with his announcement that a security master plan is being drawn up for Mt Hagen’s multi-billion-kina liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
“Such a plan had already been drawn up and presented to the National Executive Council (NEC) for recruitment and funding about two years ago,” the officer, who asked not to be named, said.
“I cannot understand why the minister is not pushing the plan through Parliament and now talks about a master plan, ” he said.
Police sources said the plan was already in place and it was up to the minister to table it in Parliament.
He said the plan was drawn up after the Government announced that by 2012, they would have 10,000 police officers in the country.
“If the minister pushes the plan forward for NEC’s approval,tables it in Parliament and allocates the funds as requested, permanent police bases will be set up in project sites in Hela to maintain law and order.
“Security threats will then be reduced in sensitive project areas,” he said.
He said it was now too expensive to fly in mobile squads based in other provinces to help maintain law and order in Southern Highlands province.
“Apart from paying allowances, we have to hire vehicles for them and this is a big blow to our budget.
“Instead of talking about a master plan, the minister must go back and present the plan which is already in his office to Parliament.
“There is no need to waste time to draw up a new plan,” he said.