No condemnation of slain policewoman raises questions

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WESTERN Highlands provincial police commander Supt Kaiglo Ambane wants community leaders to clarify whether they still needed the services of the police force.
“Since the hand grenade blast that killed a policewoman and injured three policemen last Friday, no leader has come out to condemn the attack.
“This clearly shows the people, and province, do not need police presence,” he said.
He said this in a meeting with the relatives of the bomber from the Yamka tribe, the policewoman from Waghi Bruk, police officers and representatives of Governor Tom Olga on Wednesday in the Mt Hagen police station.
The meeting was called by Supt Ambane to bring the leaders from Waghi Bruk and Yamka together after Selly Mol was killed when bank robber Pawa Moni accidentally blew himself up while resisting arrest in the Wamp Nga fuel station in Mt Hagen last Friday.
Supt Ambane said this type of attack on law enforcement officers had already tarnished the image of the province and country.
“In the Highlands region, a gun or lethal weapon owned by an individual belongs to the whole tribe.
“Because of this, I want the leaders to own up and explain why an explosive is in their possession,” he said.
Supt Ambane said police were doing their job to maintain law and order for communities and it was not right for the people to attack enforcement officers.
“The leaders must apologise and give their assurance that such attacks will not occur again,” he said.