Local firm supplies school with desks

National, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 GOROKA Stationeries and Office Supplies has supplied desks to the Bena Secondary School in the Unggai-Bena district, Eastern Highlands.

Managing director Pogio Ghate said the desks were specifically designed to cater for more students in the classrooms.

He thanked the school for giving his company the opportunity to supply the desks and stationery.

“I thank the administration, the school board of Governors, parents and students for having confidence in the desks,” Ghate said.

“We want to deliver to the doorsteps of any schools and institutions that needs desks.”

School principal Topeni Reho said they chose the desks because they were affordable and were made specifically to suit their classroom conditions.

“With an average of 70 students in a classroom we found these desks to be very conveinient as they do not occupy more spaces and can sit two students per desk,” he said.