Local food best for all

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The National, Friday 14th June 2013

 CHOOSING to eat local food is one very simple yet effective way to save the environment, a group of students have been told.

The message was presented in an awareness programme conducted by Oil Search Ltd Green Office Group to students at the Jubilee Catholic Secondary School in Port Moresby.

The Group produced brochures that explained how rotting food released methane gas, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases which contributed to climate change. 

On World Environment Day which fell on June 5, the Green Group shared practical ways in which the students could individually and collectively reduce food print or negative impact on the environment.  

The Group told students that serving only enough food to eat was one way of reducing food waste. 

“Other ways included eating food that is preserved in the refrigerator before buying new stock to save time and money, making good use of leftover food and donating non-perishable and unspoiled food to charity groups,” it said.  

Students were encouraged to advise their family members and relatives about caring for the environment. 

School principal Bernadette Ove thanked the group for taking the initiative to visit the school. 

Ove said the awareness had motivated her to implement a few initiatives such as organising labels for wheelie bins in the school to help waste segregation.