Local leaders praise govt

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The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013


LOCAL leaders in the Nipa-Kutubu electorate, Southern Highlands, have commended the Government for its decision to seal the Mendi-Tari section of the Highlands Highway.

Cr Micheal Solo of Shumbi and Cr Yalol Kabol of Egenda ward 1 called for reputable companies to be engaged on the project.

They said in the past some companies were awarded contracts for major infrastructure projects in the electorate but did not complete their work.

Kabol said the people were suffering from the bad road conditions and wanted reputable companies to be awarded contracts for the projects.

“We want good reputable companies to be awarded the contracts not these corrupt companies with bad reputation back in the district to come back and work,” he said.

He added that people in Southern Highlands and neighbouring Hela wanted value for money from the contractors.