Locals urged not to discuss Wafi-Golpu land matter

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

PEOPLE should refrain from commenting on the disputed land ownership in the Wafi-Golpu mining area as it was before the courts, Martin Tapei said yesterday.
His comment followed a media statement by John Nema, praising Sam Basil on his re-election as Bulolo MP, on behalf of the Golpu Landowners Association.
Both men are from the Mumeng area, where mining is expected.
Ownership of the land in the area remains unresolved in court and people should not make public statements as representatives of landowner groups, Tapei said.
Representing the 11 parties taking NEC (cabinet) and the State to court is lawyer Herbert Wally.
A special Land Titles Commission headed by Lawrence Titimur was set up in 2011 to find the true traditional owners of the Wafi/Golpu mining land.
The hearing was set for December but John Pundari, who was the Minister for Mining, successfully made a submission to cabinet to revoke the appointments of the special land titles commissioners and the revocation of the hearing.  
Eleven out of the 30 land groups from Mumeng and Wampar districts in the Morobe province took the matter to court last year.
A review book will be prepared before a new hearing date is set.