Long trip to son’s graduation

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SINGLE mother Edna Ben travelled by boat for 15 hours to reach Alotau, then travelled on an aircraft for the first time to Port Moresby, excited to attend her son’s university graduation.
“When I (received) the news to attend this event (son Gilmister’s bachelor in economics degree graduation) two weeks ago, I paddled at 7am from my island, Yanba to Normanby Island where I arrived at 7 pm,” she said.
“I then travelled on a three-hour boat ride to Alotau and caught the flight to Port Moresby the next day.”
Yesterday, she proudly hugged her son after he received his degree, thanking all those who had contributed towards the cost of her trip.
“I didn’t expect such kindness but I am grateful and thankful to everyone who contributed to making today possible for me, to see my son Gilmister Ben receiving his bachelor of economics degree,” Edna said.
“This is the best moment of my life and I pray that the good Lord blesses each and every one who contributed in cash or kind.”
Her planned trip was aired by a radio station in Alotau, drawing financial support from various individuals. She had also saved a little herself for the trip.
“It was my first time to board a plane,” she said.
She is being accommodated by relatives in the capital city.
Edna said Gilmister, the eldest of her four children, will advise her on when to return home.
Gilmister thanked everyone who helped out to make his mother’s trip to Port Moresby possible.
He said such kind gestures had taught him how important it was to make a difference in someone’s life.


  • Congradulation. All the best is uour future. Never forget the hatd work your family has put to see you get through.

  • Congratulations young man and your hard working mum. There are few kind hearted Papuan New Guineans out here. I am not from Milnebay but I can feel the hardships endured by single mothers to see their children excel in life. May God bless and guide you as you take another step into the future.

  • Mothers are very special in all walks of life. As the saying goes, there’s always a strong mother at the back of every achievements in life. Congratulation both mum and son…

  • I am in tears when reading this article , what a hard working mother ..God will continue to bless her as long as she lives .

  • Congratulation young man , Do Not Allow Anything in Between Yet That may DETER You From Giving Back To Your MUM!

  • You achievement is made possible by someone who loves and cares you the most no matter what. Give her the love and respect she deserve.

    God bless your mother and your journey in life.

  • That artical caught my attention. I read with tears cause I am a mother and understand the struggle other mothers and fathers and their children are facing today and I always help in little I have. Son be the head and bless your mum and siblings and God will richly bless you.

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