Look into school fees


NAMATANAI MP Walter Schnaubelt committing funds for Namatanai Secondary School and Namatanai Technical and Vocational training school is good news for education in the district.
The Namatanai district development authority (DDA) is right in allocating funds to educational institutions in the district to boost the young people’s education.
However, there are other important sectors of education which needs funding.
These are the Namatanai education office, Namatanai 1 & 2 inspectorates and Konos Inspectorate which need funding assistance to effectively monitor education services in the district.
The tertiary students’ school fee assistance programme by the DDA is sketchy.
These tertiary students are the district’s human resources and it’s sad to see that DDA is turning a blind eye in subsidising the fees.
Over to you Schnaubelt and your DDA.

Risk Tisa

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