Losing Daulo admin a shock


I WAS surprised to be told that the Daulo district administrator had been removed without being allowed to respond to allegations made against him – if there were allegations at all –according to the laws.
He is one of the top-performing district administrators in Eastern Highlands.
Under his administration, in two and half years (mid-2015-2018), he accomplished many things, including and not limited to:

  • Seven high-covenant public servant houses at Asaro Station;
  • Built staff houses for teachers and classrooms for all primary schools; and
  • Upgraded feeder roads, the Asaro health centre, etc.

In 2016, he got Daulo High School registered and in early 2017, the school got its secondary school registration.
Before that the school was regarded as a failed project with past administrations having failed to help. The administrator’s removal without proper protocol or disciplinary process followed clearly show that there are people who are hungry for power without regards to the interest of more than 60,000 people in Daulo district.

Native Observer

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