Loyal servant Louisa proud of her contribution

Louisa Bill’s ID card from the 1980’s during her younger days.
Louisa Bill, one of Trukai Industries Ltd longest serving staff of 35 years and executive assistant to CEO (left), with chief executive Greg Worthington-Eyre during the 50th anniversary celebration announcement in Port Moresby last week. – Nationalpics by PETER ESILA

SINGLE mother-of-two Louisa Bill is proud to have served under six big bosses as an executive assistant in the company she had been working for in the past 35 years.
The Madang woman, 54, started working for Trukai Industries in 1985 as a secretary in the operations and marketing department.
She has watched the company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, grow through the years.
When she joined, the business was focusing on importing items and distributing them around the nation.
“In 1988, the business commissioned its first rice mill plant in Lae. And when that started, the business expanded. It just grew and grew up to now. So I am so proud that I have seen the changes that happened. And I am still here.
“As time goes on, you never realise you have been in a business that long. When an event comes up (such as the 50th anniversary) you are thinking, Wow! I can’t believe that I have been here this long. I am really proud to be part and parcel of the growth of the business, and I have seen a lot of changes in the company.”
In 1987, she was promoted to secretary to the managing director – now called the executive assistant to the chief executive officer.
“I have served under six CEOs. In the past seven years, I have been serving Mr. Greg Worthington-Eyre, the current CEO.”
It is a demanding job in the fast world of business but for Louisa “it is business as usual every day”.

“ Wow! I can’t believe that I have been here this long. I am really proud to be part and parcel of the growth of the business and I have seen a lot of changes in the company.”

“The role I play in the business is very important, especially when I am working with the top management at the frontline of the business. I see what happens before everybody else. I am actually doing the nitty-gritty part of it before the entire business knows what goes on in the business. So there has to be a lot of commitment.
“It is a high profile job, especially because I am trying to meet the CEO’s demand and trying to be on top with all his requirements.”
She serves not only the CEO but the board of directors too.
“Meeting deadlines is one crucial part of the roles itself. When you are in that role for a long time, it becomes just part of who you are. It is demanding. You try your best to see the office of the CEO running in an orderly manner.
“At the same time, you are seen as the ambassador of the business, like the front line of the business.”
She tries “to be professional in everything” she does, how she presents and conducts herself.
Her advice to workers is to give your best in everything you are tasked to do.
“The bottom line is that you as a person must set your mind to be a role model to others. Mentor the young ones coming up, encourage them and support them.”
She is preparing herself for the day when she will hang up the boots so to speak.
“When the time comes, it is not like going and looking for another job. It is retiring and probably doing other things of interest.”
But she is proud to have done her best for her employer, repaying the trust Trukai had in her.

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