Lufa awaits anniversary funds

Highlands, Normal


THE Lufa district administration in Eastern Highlands province is still waiting for money from its 2005 allocation for special services and anniversary medals.
The money, to be presented with medals to recipients of the 2005 Independence anniversary, was diverted to other purposes and is yet to be remitted back.
Officer in-charge of Lufa district affairs and local level government, Peter Yang, revealed this at a farewell gathering of long-serving village court magistrate and leader Kima Mulefa, 83, in Goroka last week.
Mr Yang said pioneer leaders and frontliners in the likes of Chief Mulefa deserved to receive medals.
“However, the money to go with medals to recipients was diverted to other activities during the independence anniversary celebrations and was never reimbursed.
“Therefore, I cannot just give the medals away. It should have some monetary reward to go with it in appreciation for services rendered,” Mr Yang said.
He praised Mr Mulefa, who served in the pre-colonial era through to the modern days, with dedication and commitment.
The pioneer leader was recognised for his services to the people of Eastern Highlands, especially those from Lufa district.
He was given the honour with his wife and was presented with special gifts, including cash.
Mr Yang, however did not disclose the amount, saying there were many medals for special services and Independence anniversaries in his office without any monetary reward attached.