Make competition more professional


THE round one of the Digicel Cup Competition kicked-off last weekend with a good crowd.
There are still important measures to be taken by the PNG NRL Digicel Cup organisers.
It was really sad seeing players running off the field to get the ball while the clock was clicking, without stopping.
There was no extra ball provided on both sides of the field and there was no ball boy.
Players ran off the field to get the ball.
Very bad impression from a spectators’ point of view.
The game between the Rabaul Gurias and Mt Hagen Eagles and Central Dabaris and Gulf Isou on Saturday was poorly controlled by the referee.
It was like village rugby.
This is a semi-professional league and the PNG NRL should appoint competent referees to control such games.
Please improve in the refereeing.
This was further escalated when a referee awarded a try to Port Moresby Vipers on Sunday when it was no try when replayed.
What’s the role of the touch charges? Are they only running up and down the field?
The security should check ladies purse properly.
A few of them smuggled betel nut and smoke inside their purse and were chewing and spitting inside the stadium.
Female securities, step up.

Concern Spectator,