Makerupu a model village, says Pala

Normal, Papua


RIGO MP Ano Pala said last week that Makerupu village in the Hula circuit was a model village for Rigo district, Central province, as a result of its successful festive celebrations.
Speaking before the string band performances in the village, Mr Pala told the people that Makerupu was on the right path because it had leaders with the right foresight to organise such week-long activities that could unite a village.
“Remember the most important thing is, the unity and strength of a nation, is only evident when a village is strong through the upholding of family values self discipline and respect for one another,” Mr Pala said.
He said Makerupu was here before Independence and even before colonial rule, that was why as a village, it needed to make an attempt to improve life and add value because this would not only attract development and infrastructure from the provincial and national governments but also donor agencies and governments from other countries.    
Mr Pala added that Makerupu, like other villages in Central province, had programmes set for the festive week but it went a step further by inviting him twice in the same week to open the Makerupu super sports tournament last week and to witness the string band competition.
“I have travelled all throughout Rigo but I have not seen a village so organised and passionate about its celebrations,” he said.
Mr Pala commended the organising committee headed by the first secretary to his Rigo Open office, Karo Gimana, for their tireless effort to prepare and organise the whole village for the week-long celebration.