Makiba clarifies resignation as minister

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By Rebecca Kuku
KOMO-Margarima MP Manasseh Makiba says he is resigning as the Vice Minister for Petroleum and Energy because of his dissatisfaction with the Papua LNG project agreement.
Makiba, pictured, is also not happy with the Government’s failure to honour commitments in the PNG LNG project agreements.
He said before the signing of the Gas Agreement, he had opposed the Papua LNG Agreement in the Government caucus, citing the lack of consultations with
Government MPs regarding the terms of the agreement, non-
compliance with the requirements of the Oil and Gas Act 1998 and
the ambiguity and flaws in the benefits alleged in the Gas Agreement.
But he said the concerns were not considered by the Government which proceeded to sign the agreement.
“Up to this date, all the elected leaders including myself have not seen the cover or contents of the Papua LNG agreement – except for a few ministers.”
He said the Government had not learned the lessons from the first PNG LNG Project.
He doubts the success of the Papua LNG Project can be achieved unless the Gas Agreement is reviewed.
“The Government should not rush into a second LNG project or any petroleum project until and unless the petroleum law is completely revised to give greater and fairer benefits to the people such as the 50 per cent free carry revenue share as resource owners.
“Oil, gas and minerals are scarce valuable resources and the demands for petroleum and minerals in the world will increase with time so we should not rush into selling our resources cheaply and quickly.
“The Government has yet to honor its commitment in giving the 4.27 per cent Kroton equity as free carry in the PNG LNG project to the project area landowners, local level governments and provincial governments but went ahead and signed the Papua LNG which was far worse than the PNG LNG.”