Mald commends Xmas sports fest

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The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010


LOCAL MP Andrew Mald was pleased after the completion of the Moresby Northeast 2010 Christmas and the Easter games. 

Mald pledged to stage bigger and better events in 2011.

Given the immense support shown by the people of the electorate and the positive impact that sports has in the society, Mald has seen this as an opportunity to improve the community through a  sports programme for next year.

Sports in the electorate will definitely be boosted with the allocated electoral funds through the District Service Improvement Programme. 

Mald announced last Friday that K500,000 from the DSIP funds would be allocated towards the community with K150,000 to next year’s Easter games and K200,000 for the 2011 Mald Christmas Cup. 

This is increase from K200,000 spent this year to K350,000 next year for hosting the two events  which stems from the responses from the four wards evaluated by Mald and the organising committee.

The remainder of the K500,000 will go to churches in the electorate.

The decrease in crime rates was one factor furthering the member’s view of keeping people in his electorate fit and healthy through sport.

Identifying talent, occupying youths and providing an avenue for employment through sport while also carrying out awareness on HIV/AIDS, health and crime in the electorate were Mald’s other objectives.