Man buried alive by landslide

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AN Engan man was buried alive by a landslide last weekend while asleep in his house near the Taranagu Primary School in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province.
Peter Sai, 28, from Peripas in the Wapenamanda district of Enga province was killed at around 6pm on Sunday during heavy rainfall and strong winds.
Mr Sai’s other family members were in the living room when they heard a soft rumble and then the earth beneath them shook and gave way. 
They rushed out of the house just in time to watch the earth split and their house buried.
Mr Sai’s body was dug out at about midnight.
Mr Sai is survived by his wife and two children, aged five years and six weeks.
Meanwhile, Mr Sai’s elder brother Stanley, said the house was located at the edge of a small man-made precipice and due to the rainy season being experienced in the province, the earth gave way and covered the house.
Many parts of the province have been hit by floods due to the continuous heavy rainfall experience last month.
Some districts badly affected by floods include Dei Council, North Waghi, Anglimp and South Waghi areas.
The Waghi River flooded its banks and destroyed many gardens, houses, washed away livestock and other properties.