Man caught smoking marijuana, on probation


A MAN caught smoking marijuana in Mt Hagen city has been placed on a six-month probation.
Junior Leva, 24, from Warakum in Mt Hagen, was caught smoking marijuana and in possession of marijuana rolls at around 7pm on June 28.
Leva, who is unemployed and a first-time offender, pleaded guilty to the charge of being in possession of a dangerous drug.
Senior provincial magistrate Betty Jacob told him he had “a bright future ahead and I do not want you to ruin your life by taking this dangerous drug call marijuana”.
“When you take drugs, it’s like insects and pests feeding on tree leaves. When all leaves are gone, the trees die,” she said.
“The more you take marijuana, it will make you become mentally-affected and cause death at early age.”
She said the probation meant he could serve his sentence outside prison.
“You are still a State prisoner but you serve your term outside the jail,” she said.
She ordered him to report to probation officers who would guide and show him where to go for community work every week in the city.
She warned him not to touch marijuana again.
“If you break your probation condition, you will be re-arrested, and will face double punishment at Baisu jail.”