Man charged with killing niece

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LORENGAU police in Manus province have arrested and charged a man from Powat Highway village with
wilful murder of his 14-year-old niece on Feb 15.
Lumat Lum, 24, was accused of murdering Pikaleh Joel, who was the daughter of his elder brother, between 10am and 12.30pm.
Lum was in Powat village when the victim was with her sister and her brother-in-law, Simon Timah.
Pikaleh and her elder sister Lisa Timah planned to catch prawns at the river while Mr Timah went to his garden.
The police report stated that Lum, who had been roaming around, confronted Mr Timah and asked where his wife was.
After he was told where they were Lum went to the river and spoke with the two.
When they turned their backs and faced the river, Lum swung his bush knife at Pikaleh, almost severing her neck.
Lum appeared before the Lorengau District Court last Thursday.
Hearing was adjourned to March 4 for mention pending investigations.
Foursquare Church senior pastor John Soko described the killing as an “inhumane act”.
“We want to live in a peaceful environment and for people who have animal’s brain, who have no respect for human life love, they are not fit to be in the community.
“The law should take its full course and charge Lum and jail him for life,” PrSoko said.