Man charged with rape

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A 58-YEAR-OLD man was charged in the Lae committal court yesterday with two counts of rape of an eight-year-old girl in August.
Magistrate Pious Tapil read out the charges to Hendrik Paulus from Rabaul’s Tawi village in East New Britain and denied him bail
Tapil told Paulus that he could make a proper bail application and fixed Dec 22 for next hearing.
Paulus was charged with one count of rape by inserting his finger into the girl’s private part and another count of rape by inserting his finger into her anus.
Police brief presented in court stated that Paulus on Aug 29 in Igam Block in Lae was with the girl who was playing with her four-year-old brother inside their family house.
He is alleged to have entered the girl’s house while the girl was playing with her brother and locked the door.
Paulus then told the girl’s brother to climb to the roof of the house to find his way out.
The court heard that when the boy could not do as instructed, Paulus told him to bump his head on the wall and Paulus scratched the boy’s gum.
As the boy stood watching helplessly, Paulus told the girl to climb the house’s frame and instructed her to turn around and face downwards, facing him.
Paulus allegedly inserted his finger into the girl’s anus, then into her private part and took his finger out and sniffed it.
Police alleged that Paulus then told the girl that if her mother noticed her walking sideways, she should tell her that she ate guava and she could not excrete.