Wife, unborn child dead

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A 27-YEAR-OLD man was charged in the Central committal court with killing his pregnant wife with a grass knife on July 6.
Magistrate Alex Kalandi read out the charge to Au Keta, from Kairuku’s Mou village, and adjourned hearing to Oct 21.
He also ordered him to remain in custody for the police to complete their investigations.
Keta is alleged to have had a domestic argument with his wife, Ligori Abau, in the village.
The argument intensified and Keta allegedly assaulted Abau using the flat surface of the knife.
He allegedly hit Abau repeatedly with the knife before a family member intervened.
Abau then stepped out of the house and walked towards an old building but Keta followed and attempted to assault her again.
He was stopped by bystanders.
Keta got on a bicycle and rode towards his uncle’s house but changed his mind and turned towards where Abau was walking.
He then allegedly got off his bicycle, took out his knife and allegedly slashed Abau on her left calf.
He then turned the grass knife to its flat surface and hit Abau again on her head and legs.
Abau fell, bled profusely and Keta cycled away. Abau’s elder brother Bobby heard the commotion rushed up and found his sister lying on the ground and her wound covered with a cloth.
He lifted her and carried her to their house and left her with their mother.
At about 3pm, a vehicle was arranged for Abau to be taken to the Inauaia village health centre.
She was unconscious most of the time during the journey.
On arrival, health workers put her on drips. However, Abau and her foetus died later that day.
Keta surrendered to police.