Man goes home K3,000 richer

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The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

JOHN Tauna is K3,000 richer after winning week two of the Digicel SMS NRL tipping competition.
He correctly picked the winners in round 20 of the NRL competition.
The Moresby locksmith was excited when he picked up the cash prize at the PNGFM office.
Tauna, who was preparing for a business trip on the same day he received the cash, said he had decided to enter the competition after listening to the promotion on Nau FM, Yumi FM and Legend FM.
“I want to thank PNGFM for introducing this competition which gives listeners a chance to win cash through the NRL competition,” he said.
PNGFM sales director Charlie Gorogo said the competition provided listeners a chance to win cash.