Man illegally evicts tenant

National, Normal

The National- Monday, January 10, 2011


Many people are looking for opportunities to claim properties and illegally force tenants out.

This had reportedly happened to a former deputy IRC commissioner, Henry Buku from West New Britain, whose belongings police allegedly destroyed from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) house he and his family were occupying last Dec 29. 

Buku said police had been misled by an Engan who claimed to have a title to the house. 

He said the Engan allegedly convinced officers at the NHC and got the necessary paperwork for title to the property at Section 34, lot 09 at Simpson Crescent (off Lawes Road) at Konedobu.

Without having any tenancy agreement with the NHC, he, allegedly went to the Lands department and got the title.

After getting the title, he started getting eviction notices from the court house trying to remove Buku and 

his family.

However, Buku did not move out of the property.

This had prompted the Engan to take the matter to the Boroko District court in 2008.

However, the court found that an Engan did not have enough evidence to prove that he owned the house and dismissed the case while ordering Buku to remain in the house.

Two year later (last year), an Engan went to the same property (Dec 29) with police personnel from Badili and removed household items from the house and destroyed them.

The National has copies of documents, including tenancy agreement, stating Buku as the rightful tenant. 

However, it was found that a third party had allegedly sold the NHC property to a Highlands couple for K400,000.

Buku said the couple had deposited K180,000 to the person’s account and was trying to move into the house when they found out about the situation.