Parkop puts stop on eviction

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The National- Monday, January 10, 2011


MORE than 1,000 people who were served eviction notices and ordered by the NCDC management to vacate land portion 485 and 428, Morata, were relieved when Governor Powes Parkop intervened and ordered the eviction to stop.  

In a letter to the city manager Leslie Alu and his deputy Hon Kiap, the governor warned that the city management better had an alternative plan to resettle the people before allowing police and contractors to demolish their properties.

“While I agree with the basis for the demolition, I am advised that more than 1,000 people will be left homeless if this demolition proceeded. 

“I direct that this demolition exercise be immediately halted until our management and building board have formulated an alternative resettlement plan to resettle the tenants,” he said.

Parkop admitted that these settlers have lived in the area for such a long time and it would be difficult for the commission to just remove them as they have communities, properties and families already established there. 

Community leader Larsen Kaiti supported the governor’s call saying many had resided in the area for more than 20 years and it would be unfair to remove them now when the commission had the chance to do that many years back.

He questioned the motive behind the removal, saying “why was not the governor notified about the demolition” before the notices were served on them. 

Kaiti said land portion 485 and 428 were developed by the settlers and not the commission as they are the ones who chased criminals away, built houses, planted gardens and cleaned the place of bush and rubbish.

He also thanked Parkop, adding that his people were grateful for his help and would continue to work with him and give their support for the good work that he was doing as governor to improve the image of the city and the lives of the people.