Man refutes claims over unsettled demands

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 THE owner of a vehicle involved in a road accident that killed seven people claims the negotiated compensation has been paid.

Nelson Nema refuted a media statement by relatives of the victims from Henganofi that the compensation had yet to be met.

Nema, from the Panimbe Wika tribe, in Hagen Central, Western Highlands, said the compensation offered was accepted after mediation talks in the presence of peace mediators, law enforcement agencies and the media on Oct 11.

He said the Henganofi people accepted compensation of K100,000, 142 pigs and seven cows offered to them on that day in Mt Hagen.

The relatives initially rejected the offer but later accepted it after talks. 

He said the relatives took with them K10,000 plus the pigs. They left K90,000 and the seven cows behind because they were afraid of being robbed on the highway on their return home.

Nema said: “The relative said they will take the K90,000 and the seven cows later. I cannot understand (why they are saying) the compensation was to be met in November.

“This is totally misleading. If the compensation was rejected in the first place, then they should not have taken the K10,000 and 100 pigs.

“I think I have already met their demand.”

Nema said he had taken responsibility of the accident and loss of lives. 

He said it had put a burden on him but managed to resolve it with the relatives of the victims.