Manning approves Digicel Cup


STATE of Emergency (SOE) Controller David Manning has approved the Digicel Cup kick-off but under conditions on crowd control and training, says the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL).
The approval comes following a PNGRFL submission made on its revised season under the “Banis Protocol”, which mirrors Covid-19 guidelines put in place by Australia’s National Rugby League.
In a letter to PNGRFL chairman Sandis Tsaka on Wednesday, Manning congratulated the sport’s national governing body on its efforts to resume its activities and programmes.
“In fact, it is the only one received thus far from any sporting body within PNG which gives due consideration to the Covid-19 health protocols for the ‘new normal’ after the SOE,” he said.
Manning said the submission was detailed and thorough with emphasis on players and officials.
“I will give approval for PNGRFL to resume with only one domestic competition under a revised model, but subject to two conditions being met,” he said.
The two conditions relate to spectator control and training plans for doctors, physiotherapists and club medics on Covid-19 protocols.
“The one competition can allow PNGRFL to better mitigate the risks and opportunity to adjust and improve to be fully compliant with Covid-19 protocols under the ‘new normal’,” Manning said.
Tsaka said operational plans for the Digicel Cup would be made known soon.
“We are grateful for the positive feedback and our partners are greatly encouraged by the approval to kick off one competition and that will be our premier competition, the Digicel Cup,” he said.
“We look forward to presenting to Manning our revised match day ‘Banis Protocols’ and the ‘Banis Protocol’ stakeholder engagement strategy which addresses the two conditions he has raised, to ensure the competition can start.”
PNG National Rugby League Competition (PNGNRLC) chairman Adrian Chow said: “PNGNRLC is thankful for Manning’s response and approval which allows our Digicel Cup to go ahead this year.
“With most of our NRL and SP Hunters players participating, the competition will be of the highest standard and will give our developing players the opportunity to play with the best.”

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  • what is good about sport whilst you approves Digicel Cup, uplifted.. your NRL won`t benefit 8Million people of Papua New Guinea.. Where is our freedom of normalcy. .. … your SOE has affected normal daily living of 8milion Papua new guineans,.. Manning you and your fellow SOE Committe has fail everything……..

    you just withdraw from SOE controller..

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