Marape is doing well


CRITICS may have their own views of the Government, but I see that Prime Minister James Marape has restored confidence in the institutions and systems of governance and brought the overall management into order.
This was not the case in the past.
It seemed there was no rule of law and processes were hijacked at the whim of the controlling mind.
Everybody else was subjected to the whim with no sense of direction.
We hardly saw any evidence of policemen carrying out their duties.
Only proof of such duty was a blinking siren behind police.
No major arrests were effected and the country was really heading for doom as a failed state.
When key institutions such as the police, defence and the main bureaucracy failed to deliver, the masses hardly felt the Government’s hand.
The press was gagged and Government institutions came to a standstill.
The country fell into the hands of a syndicate of corrupt individuals and corporations.
Marape, while a senior minister in the previous government, saw what was happening and decided to walk out with other like-minded MPs and formed this Government.
So far, despite contrary views, he has given us hope.
At least we can have confidence in his leadership.
All systems of governance have been restored.
His call for a united bureaucracy to support him take back the country is slowly taking shape and I am very proud to say Marape has done well.
Let’s put aside our differences and support the prime minister to take the country through to realise his dreams of transforming Papua New Guinea into a prosperous and rich black nation.
If all the right-thinking leaders are there and the right bureaucracy is functional by supporting the mainstream policy framework, who says this Government cannot transform this country?

Koreken Levi