Marape launches construction of K220mil office

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By JINA AMBA in Jiwaka
PRIME Minister James Marape launched the construction of the K220 million provincial headquarters building at Kurumul in Jiwaka on Friday.
Kurumul is now Jiwaka’s provincial capital.
Marape said Cabinet had allocated the K220 million for the building to be completed by 2025.
K20 million has been paid into the Jiwaka provincial assembly account to start the project.
Essar Projects of India is the contractor.
Marape urged the people to be heavily involved in agricultural activities.
“You have Mt Hagen and the Kagamuga International airport (nearby), the highway running through your province and above all the fertile Waghi Valley land. I urge you to go into agricultural activities.
“The Government is bringing services, including markets, into the districts and wants to improve and stabilise prices of agricultural commodities and improve freight subsidies.
“We want to work with coffee, tea and other agriculture commodity-producing provinces like Jiwaka (to get) better prices so farmers can get a good return.”
Marape said for a province to function well, and to support the national and district programmes and service delivery, it should have a proper provincial administration.
“The Government has committed itself to the building of your headquarters and will support your governor and leaders towards securing the K200 million funding to complete it,” Marape said.


  • That’s really interesting. Is that construction for Jiwaka Province alone or provincial headquarters for the 22 provinces will be included in there?

  • Would have been better located in a more central place like Banz or Kunjip.
    Just my oppinion.

  • I wonder how the National Government allocates huge development funding to Provinces of their choice. Do we have a set of criteria that is used to equitable and farely allocate to other Provinces as well.

    I think expenditures must be captured in the budget and allocated based upon certain criteria/merits, other then that, I feel uncomfortable. Is PNG OK?

  • Thank you my honorable PM for visiting JIWAKA province for the first time as PM by declaring it’s provincial HQ and allocating funds for infrastructure there. However there is lots of concerns raised by Jiwakans through public source media about gross misused and abused of public funds for self benefits and gains by the governor with his immediate family relative and cronies for the right years in power. Thanks to the Lord that the PM have witnessed himself what is happening physically on the ground so far. Honorable PM is always preaching about transparency and accountability and I know he have learnt something interesting on his visit so why let funds to be controlled in waigani and release funds bit by bit after progressive report by M&E Officer. In support of my suggestion there is a lot of failed impact projects in the province. One classic example is Kudjip -Banz road sealing. I believe there is bomerang type system used for self benefits. PM remember the 2022 election is nearing and don’t forget that you’re finding PP party election to compete with you PM in2022. Over to You PM.

  • I think it is for other development projects as well, all part of the basic facilities for a new province. Funding is not one off lump sum but gradually installments over many years. Who knows if PM Marape and Governor Tongamp will retain their seats after 2022 national elections to ensure this commitments come to fruition.

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