Market bids to help regrow local economy

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 IN a bid to help regrow the local economy of Rabaul district, construction has started on the new Nonga Hospital Market.

The market is one of three earmarked for the district this year, the other two being the Gelegele Civic Centre Market, which was opened early this year, and the other to be built at Malaguna Two village. 

According to the Rabaul district business development officer Michael Luana, the Nonga market was expected to be completed and opened before this Christmas.

He explained that the contractors Rabaul Building and Fencing had sub-contracted parts of the construction work of the market to landowner groups who owned the portion of land in which the market was located.

Luana pointed out that the scope of work on the Nonga market included the actual construction, an ablution block and landscaping work would cost K100,000.

The Rabaul joint district planning and budget priorities committee approved K400,000 for the construction of three roadside markets.

Luana explained that the Nonga market would be economical as it would provide for the patients, doctors and the surrounding villagers. 

He said the vendors came from as far as Vunapalading, North Coast and even the Sikut area.

“A lot of people prefer to do their marketing at the Nonga Hospital Market when the Page Park market in Rabaul town is polluted with dust from the Tavurvur,” Luana said.