Market project will be a waste of funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 22nd April 2013

 THE Moresby South MP, Justin Tkat­chen­ko, must not forget to do due diligence before committing the people’s funds on the  Gabutu market project.

There is no land for the market.

Neither the Moresby South electorate nor the NCDC has the title to the land for the proposed Ga­butu market.

It is believed dif­ferent people and entities have applied for the land but a decision has yet to be made.

In the meantime, Gabutu settlers have sub-divi­ded the land in their own style.

One settler who was awarded the contract to fence the market area is finding it difficult to carry out the work because one or two settlers are claiming to own a significant portion of the market area.

The MP claims it is on state land and no settler has the right to claim the land.

Yes, it is state land but no one seems to have the title including the MP’s district office.

So it is not right for the MP to spend money on a market that could be de­molished any time.

Secondly, the site is not ideal for a market as it is located in an isolated spot.

We are aware the sellers at the current roadside market at Gabutu are not doing well.

Most of the goods are normally taken home due to a lack of customers.

The MP must also do a supplier-consumer analy­sis to better understand the value for the market project.


Side observer

Port Moresby