Markham launches 5-year plan

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


A FIVE-year development plan for the Markham district in Morobe was launched last Friday.

The 2013-17 plan, which will cost K176.8 million to implement, was launched by government ministers Charles Abel (National Planning and Monitoring) and Paul Ezekiel (Housing and Urbanisation and Markham MP) at Mutzing in Markham.

“We are tired of plans after plans, we need to see actions and implementations to achieve reality and it requires team work and partnership from all sectors in government, companies, churches and people,” Abel said at the launching. 

He said the Markham plan was aligned with the national development strategic plan (2010-30), the medium term development plan (2011-15) and Vision 2050.

Ezekiel said the plan was a “navigational chart” that would cater for six key development pillars – basic infrastructure, socio-economic development, law and order, governance  and administration and cross cutting issues.