Marking independence in style


The dance extravaganza The Diriman Stori is back again – this time spiced up with a theme that focuses on social media and traditional education.
This year’s production is a dance display presented by students and staff of Port Moresby Grammar School to “explore the interface between the use of social media by young people and traditional educational expectations”, said scriptwriter and English teacher Mere Daveta.
“The production has been scheduled to give the community the opportunity to celebrate PNG’s Independence Day in style.
“Traditional and modern dance is used as a vehicle to demonstrate the challenges, the opportunities and the compromises required to ensure technology is embraced, yet does not cause the erosion of individual and community values, social skills and human interrelationships.”
The storyline highlights the impact social media can have on traditional education. It provides a comparison between young people who are seasoned users of technology, otherwise known as digital natives, and people who acquired familiarity with digital systems as an adult, called digital immigrants.
“There are evidential benefits of being technologically-savvy,” Daveta said.
“Computer literacy for students has meant a convenient and a wide scope of knowledge, to draw from what is available in the different websites necessary for comprehensive learning. However, in the process they have also conveniently lost the formidable human touch in communications and responsibilities.
“Endless engagement with the social media, has heard mothers shouting out their annoyance, in chores not done. The dinner table has grown a lot quieter from individual catch-ups on the social media, instead of the normal family meal, and the list may go on.
“Man is a social being. The home is still the best institution to anchor the values fundamental for any young learner or citizen.”
The Diriman Stori is a Port Moresby Grammar School annual production which tries to capture and enhance the creative skills of the students and to develop their broader skills like teamwork, communication and time management.
“Engaging students in such a production also improves their levels of confidence and prepares them for the challenging life after school,” Daveta said.
The show is on at the school tomorrow evening and is part of the school’s Independence Day celebrations.

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