Marriage warning for young people


IN Papua New Guinea, people are marrying at the ages of between 15 and 25 years, ages in which people are still developing and learning about life.
Many are giving in for marriages without fully knowing or understanding the consequences and they, therefore, need to be told what to expect and how to deal those expectations.
When people marry too young they take their spouses with them to live with their parents and subsequently put their parents under great financial pressure.
Younger people face difficult pressures in a marriage relationship and often break up and walk away from each other, feeling rejected and worthless and find getting into a new relationship difficult.
In some cases they rush back into a new relationship either because of depression or because they want to hit back at their previous spouse. Some may even resort to prostitution and end up with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.
The main disadvantages of getting married at an early age is that you lose your goals and dreams and your education is cut short. When you end up like this you lose your opportunity to be a productive member of society and as you struggle in life you will also bear children who will grow up struggling and poor.
Getting married young can lead to nasty disputes which end up in court and expensive legal battles.
Young people should put God as their No.1 and hold off on getting married until they are mature enough to understand the responsibilities involved.

Fangku Silo
Mosa New Mill

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