Marriages blessed by God important, says pastor


MARRIAGE is a religious and legal bond, a church leader says.
Ps Mathias Foxsy, who is the Family Life director and Seventh Day Adventist secretary for the Northern and Milne Bay mission, said that legalising and sanctifying marriage in Papua New Guinea was important.
He made the remarks during a wedding ceremony at Karaisa village in Northern.
Foxsy said marriages blessed by God were important as PNG was considered a Christian country.
“It’s not proper for Papua New Guinea men and women to stay together making up families without formalising their marriages,” he said.
Foxsy said informal marriages were an issue because these unions were not abiding the law of the land and the religious customs.
“We have family problems nationwide, marriage breakdowns and it is very sad to see single parents raising children without a father or a mother,” he said.
Foxsy said this generation needed to set a good example for the coming generations in order to have a better society.
“Those who have stayed very long time without tying knot, make sure you legalise it to secure your marriage,” he said.

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