Marum OK with trio’s return



Michael Marum

FORMER SP PNG Hunters coach Michael Marum says players that were released last year on disciplinary grounds deserve a second chance and he has no issues with them being named in coach Matthew Church’s 30-man squad for the 2020 season.
Marum told The National on Tuesday that players Junior Rop, Joe Joshua and Joe Frank were released midseason last year to play for their respective Digicel Cup clubs due to disciplinary issues.
However he said their demotions were not permanent and they always had the opportunity to get back into squad provided they had the form and had learned from their mistakes.
“Those players were only released because of some disciplinary issues and also they wanted to play for their Digicel Cup teams,” he said.
“The other factor was that the team (Hunters) was not doing well at the time so we had to release those players who had problems with discipline.
“I don’t have a say to impose long term penalties on them. If there is a big disciplinary complaint, such calls will only come from Hunters board.”
Junior Rop and Joe Joshua were the integral part of the Lae Snax Tigers 2019 run to Digicel Cup premiership after their release while Wahgi Tumbe’s Joe Frank led his side to the finals.
Marum said the trio deserved a second chance to redeem themselves following their outstanding performance at the back end of the 2019 Digicel Cup season.
“They have played well for their clubs last year and I think they deserve another shot but when they repeat the same thing again for a second or third time then it’ll be pretty bad and unacceptable,” he said.
Meanwhile Hunters coach Matthew Church said on Monday that he was aware of the players with disciplinary issues from last season but said he believed in redemption.

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