Marum’s choice not supported


KUMULS’ coach Michael Marum’s choice to pick Wartovo Puara Jr ahead of James Segeyaro and Kurt Baptise to play Wales on Saturday is not welcome.
Foget about Puara Jr’s combination with Boas brothers Ase and Watson.
At some point, the combination is good, but Puara Jr sometimes drops balls recklessly.
In this kind of game, Segeyaro or Baptise, who have upper hand of NRL experience, should be given first nod to play hooker.
Let Segeyaro play first half and leave Puara Jr on the bench.
It would be good if the coach switches Kato Ottio to wing or forward, and allow Justin Olam to play centre.
Ottio is tall enough to catch high balls if playing wing.
He is also devastating in the forwards.
Wellington Albert is one of the standout forwards who should not be omitted in the final 17.
With these changes made, Kumuls would be too good for Wales come Saturday.

Kumuls Die Hard
Nick Tyson
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