Maserati vehicles


CAN the good Finance Secretary and former Apec Minister explain to the public about the sale of the two Maserati vehicles?
Since the purchase of those Maseratis, it became controversial and this controversy had dominated the peak period of ApecSummit prior to its commencement and after.
So as patriotic citizens, we would like to know who bought the two vehicles and at what price it was sold?
These vehicles had been bought by the public money and we the citizen have the prerogative right to know how the two vehicle were disposed since there is no formal advertisement on the mainstream media to attract potential bidders.
If we don’t follow the procurement process and tempered the procurement system that are in place then how will we achieve the slogan, “Take back PNG and make it rich Christian black nation”.
On the surface we talk about following due process, upholding laws and be accountable and transparent but under the table opposite things happens as the sun sets and darkness hover above the Waigani offices.
The citizen are not back in the 80s and 90s where they don’t know nothing about how government operates.
Due to the technological advancement, now we are better inform than we were back then.
Therefore, can the rightful authority disclose and clarify the two vehicle sold? I mean, to whom and at what price?
These are public assets and we the private citizens deserved to know how our money had been spend.

Newman Harisol

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